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Every October, you may notice that Denver seems overrun with professional men sporting mustaches and professional women with colored streaks in their hair. This is not a pre-Halloween phenomenon, it is Mustache4Cash / Color4Kids.

Mustache4Cash / Color4Kidz is a fundraiser started in 2004 by the Youth Opportunity Foundation, a Colorado 501(c)(3) dedicated to raising money and awareness for Denver based charities focused on the needs of "at-risk" youth.

The way we do it is to engage willing men ("Growers") to grow mustaches and women ("Colorers") to color their hair, while raising money for the benefit of Denver non-profits serving "at-risk" youth.


Donations will be directed towards scholarships, mentoring, tutoring and college prep programs.



Donation Totals
2015 $1,680.00

2014 $52,228.64
2013 $72,669.22
2012 $72,301.41
2011 $69,766.27
2010 $88,484.16
2009 $107,869.30
2008 $88,301.51
2007 $105,575.83
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